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Dr. Evonne Thompson

Can You Sleep Like This? In the Rest of God

“No Christian collection should be without Can You Sleep Like This?”—Midwest Book Review

“Her words are gifts to be opened and enjoyed.”Readers Favorite Review

Getting enough rest is no laughing matter—until you read Can You Sleep Like This? In the Rest of God, a witty, scripture-based book that will have you resting easier. An anecdote to the turmoil, restlessness, insomnia, and exhaustion we all experience, Can You Sleep Like This? In the Rest of God, will help you discover why you’re not resting in God, how to build a routine, and, finally, reflect on and put into action what you’ve learned.

Discover why rest is blessed and transform yourself.

Reflections on Rest: A Photo Devotional- Book 1

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of your day—or a moment to reflect on nature, God, and the beauty of the world?

Enjoy your free digital copy of Reflections on Rest—filled with 30+ pages of stunning photography, inspirational scripture, and more—the perfect chance to slow down and refresh in this fillable PDF.

Get your copy now because your rest is blessed.

Reflections on Rest: A Photo Devotional- Book 2

Need a moment to rest, reflect, and reconnect with God?

Enjoy Reflections on Rest-Book 2, a photo devotional filled with stunning photography, scripture, and more. With 30+ pages of tranquil, natural beauty, and inspirational scriptural reminders, this is your perfect opportunity to rest, relax, and write down your reflections in this fillable PDF.